Nedjda Website

#1. Inspiration

The non-profit association "Nedjda" carrying out various humanitarian activities (visits to hospitals or assistance centers for the elderly, help to people in need, awareness raising, etc.) mainly in the region of Constantine and sometimes in other regions, contacted us to develop a website to promote its activities.

The association used a Facebook page to allow communication with its users. This solution has advantages (accessibility, familiarity of users, etc.) but still leaves much to be desired due to the following factors:

  1. "Frozen" platform: The presentation is not personalized enough in the eyes of the moderator team. Facebook presents all content in the same way, drowning the association in a flood of varied (and often unnecessary) content
  2. Lack of organization: It is difficult to access important information published by the association due to the fact that all Facebook posts on the page are treated the same. To remedy this, we will in particular separate recent (past) activities from those to come, also qualified as events by members of the association, and put donations on a separate page.
  3. "Brand" image of the association: It is well known that a company, association or other party with a website will be seen as more professional and therefore more trustworthy.

#2. What we did

This project is about the design and development of a website that represent the association Nedjda in the internet. We've built a moderne website using the latest technologies and that conforms exactly to the needs of the client.

#3. How we did it

  1. We've analysed the needs of the client after writing the Specifications,
  2. Then we started creating wireframes using which is a tool of creating mockups,
  3. After validating the wireframes we started prototyping the website using Adobe XD,
  4. Along side the process of prototyping, we started developing the website (validated pages).
  5. And the final step which is Fixing bugs and other minor changes asked by the client. And taking the feedback.

#4. Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the client is happy and very satisfied with our work.