PBlock 2.0

#1. Inspiration

Parents have always been responsible for the protection of there children and it wasn't a simple responsibility all the time but with the arrival of the internet to everyone's house not only the house the internet is in everyone's pocket, this task became more and more sophisticated because they have to care about the protection of there children online too. And one of the most dangerous websites in the internet that no one want his kid to see are websites that have pornographic content.

#2. What it does

PBlock block the websites that shows unsuitable content for children (pornographic content). if the child enter a website that is categorized by the system as unsuitable for children it will not appear in the screen and another page will appear telling him that he is not allowed to enter the website.

#3. How we built it technically

The system behind PBlock work like this:

  1. A chrome extension installed on the browser will inject a Javascript script into the header of the opened website.
  2. This script gets the name of the website from the browser and send it to the server.
  3. the server will check if this domain name is present in a list of more than 12.000 website categorized by the system as containing pornographic content.
  4. If the website is in the list the server will send back to the browser that this website is insecure for the child.
  5. The extension will replace in that case the HTML of the page by another page that tells the child that he is not allowed to be in this website.

#4. Pros of PBlock

  • Using a VPN will not affect the system because what is important in the system is the actual value of the domain name that is showed at the search bar in the browser.
  • It contains more than 12.000 website categorized as pornographic. witch will detect the majority of unwanted website.
  • The extension is lightweight on the browser and it doesn't use much resources.

#5. Cons of PBlock

  • Using an extension may be crucial to our system because an extension can be uninstalled at any time if the user wanted to.
  • Using a static list of pornographic websites will limit the system to old website and new ones won't be detected.

#6. What's next in PBlock 3.0

The static list of websites will be replaced by a dynamic list where new websites are added automatically to the list using technics of Web Scraping and Machine Learning and based on the actual content of the website.

A program will be installed in the client side (desktop app running in the background) that will not allow the user to uninstall the extension and let the user parameterize the system.