#1. The context

In an academic context and as part of the global alert launched by the WHO in January 2020, and for the sake of transparency and information flow, the Ministry of Health has created a crisis cell (CCC) to manage the epidemic.

One of the first actions of the crisis cell is to make a monitoring and information system on the epidemic through Android mobile applications. For the sake of time and urgency, the Kanban methodology will be applied and the tested and validated features will have to be deployed very quickly.

Our mission is to make the application.

#2. Actors

We have 4 actors for our system:

  1. Moderator An agent of the Ministry of Health who moderates content.
  2. User Any user with access to the mobile application.
  3. Editor An expert designated by the CCC to write articles.
  4. Health Officer A member designated by CCC to use the system and manage health information.

#3. Main features

The system could be divided into 3 essential parts:

  1. A mobile Application containing:
    • An interactive international and national maps showing COVID-19 spread.
    • A news feed that lists articles published by CCC's designated experts.
    • Latest posts from social media about the pandemic.
    • The user could report a suspected case.
    • A video sharing social media-like feature.
    • Push notifications if the user is a suspect case or when he enters a danger zone.
    • The user could comment all the content of the app.
  2. A web Application containing:
    • A WYSIWYG editor for writing articles.
    • All content has to be validated before published.
    • Update COVID-19 spread information.
    • Automatic email¬ifications when new content arrives.
    • Full control over user comments.
  3. A web crawler that do the following:
    • Scrape new posts from given Facebook pages
    • Scrape new videos from given Youtube Channels.
    • Scrape COVID-19 related articles from given list of websites.