#1. The Problem

Mehdi is a young employee who lives at home with his family and his two parents. Mehdi has just received his salary on his CCP account but he is still not comfortable with the idea of going to the post office to withdraw his salary. Given the large number of people who visit the post office regularly, he fears that he may be contaminated by the virus and then infect his children and his mother who suffers from several underlying illnesses.

Meriem is a young woman who will have to consult her doctor in 3 days but for the same fears of Mehdi she hesitates to do so, she is seriously thinking of not going despite the fact that it is a very important consultation.

These are the same fears that will always come back for every Algerian given the rate of grouping of people in the places of services, in fact more than 85% of pensioners withdraw their pensions during the first 2 days after transfer, causing unmanageable queues in post offices,

And if all these people knew at what time the post office, the doctor or any place X is the least crowded in order to get there? That would probably relieve their fears And in this perspective, we tried to find a solution which was a system of reservation of time slot in a place X for a given date.

#2. Actors

We have 3 actors for our system:

  1. The Service Provider who registers its location on the mobile application, its time slots, its capacity in terms of number of people (post offices, doctors and stores are typical examples of this actor).
  2. Simple users who are all Algerian citizens who want to go to a given location they will use the application to choose the least crowded time to avoid crowds
  3. The administrator will use the Dashboard to visualize in real time the congestion points, and in case of confirmed contamination of a citizen, we offer him the possibility to reveal all the other possible cases of contamination, this by visualizing all the people who have taken the same time slot at the same place as the contaminated person. Each user is identified in a reliable and unique way by his ID card number. (this Dashboard is essentially dedicated to the Sanitary Management Units).

#3. Our added value

Our solution focuses on 3 essential points:

  • health security,
  • management & optimization,
  • user experience.

Our solution will allow to minimize groupings and to implement social distancing in public places in a simple, comprehensible and efficient way.

In addition, it will not only make it possible to assess the current situation but also to act very quickly and establish wise governance of the situation.

#4. Our main focus

We put first priority on the citizen, his and his relatives health, we provide simplicity of use by focusing on the design of an intuitive solution that is understandable for all.

#5. Constrains

Our solution does not present any major constraint of realization and implementation, either on the technical, regulatory or technical level.

#6. Other use cases

Imagine how many people will be delighted to see their waiting times in the queues minimized, how many services, doctors and others will better organize their business.

These are just some possibilities of extension and scalability of our solution outside the current crisis situation and use your imagination to find much more.