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Engineer's and Master's Degrees in Computer Science, Backend Developer, Interested in Data Science, especially NLP. I aim to make a difference through my solutions.

  • Name: Mehdi CHEBBAH
  • Date of birth: September 04, 1998
  • Address: Tassift, Taher, Jijel, Algeria
  • Zip code: 18002
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +213-798-88-47-73


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Sep 2018 - Oct 2021

Computer Science Engineering (Second cycle)

ESI (ex INI)

Learned advanced topics of computer science including Databases, Machine Learning, Full Stack WebDev, Git/Github, Networking, Data Analysis, Big Data, types of intellectual property, academic writing, advanced topics about NLP ...

Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

Computer Science Engineering (First cycle)

ESI (ex INI)

Learned the basics of computer science including Algorithms, Data structures, OOP, Maths, Statistics, Basic WebDev, Linux ...

Sep 2013 - Jul 2016

Experimental Sciences (Secondary Education)

Kiamush Farhat High School

Learned the basics of scientific thinking, maths, statistics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, ...


Jun 2022 - Present

Scraping Specialist (Part time - Remote)

Shopceed (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Working as a Scraping specialist for Shopceed allowed me to design, develop, and deploy high quality Scraping systems in multiple projects and for multiple teams (Some of them have no technical backgrounds), For instance:

  • For an E-commerce system, I developed a microservice containing an API for scraping realtime tracking information from multiple delivery systems.
  • For the marketing team, I developed a system for scraping insights about competitors and potential clients from online reviewing platforms.

Mar 2022 - Present

Software Engineer (Full time - Remote)

Shabakett Systems (Annaba, Algeria)

In my role as a Software Engineer in Shabakett Systems,I was responsible for multiple technical tasks within the Dev team, for example:

  • I've developed a Multi-language professional Landing Page for the company.
  • I've configured Odoo for internal use in the company (messaging, Projects management, CRM, Invoicing, ...)
  • I've been the project lead of the 2nd most important product of the company.
  • I've developed a scraper to scrape all the existing supermarket products in the Algerian market from multiple online stores.

Oct 2020 - Oct 2021

Intern Software Engineer (Full time - Algiers)

LCSI (Algiers, Algeria)

I've been part of the sciREC project. A project that aims to create a novel design and implementation of a hybrid scientific recommender system using Deep Learning techniques. These are some of my achieved tasks:

  • Designing & Developing the frontend;
  • Developing user management functionalities;
  • Building a semantic similarity model;
  • Building a topic modeling model;
  • Scraping/Cleaning data;
  • Participating to brainstorming sessions;
  • Participating in designing the Recommender System.

Jul 2019 - Jan 2020

Backend Developer (Full time - Remote)

iTEXC Agency (Algiers, Algeria)

I've been part of a medium scale medical platform project, and I did various tasks on the team of backend, for instance:

  • Adding an appointment system to the API;
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Documenting the API;
  • Functional tests;
  • and many other tasks.

Jul 2018 - Jan 2021

Software Engineer (Part time - Remote)


  • Written multiple technical articles in the field of IT
  • Solved many business problems using ML/DL techniques (NLP tasks, Predictive tasks, Clustering tasks, ...)
  • Created automated scripts for data scraping for more than 5 websites
  • Written complex SQL queries to do advanced analysis on data
  • Developed several Landing pages for many businesses: AQUA Groupe , VIVA THECNOLOGIES , IGILGILI TOURS, MOBILE TOURS and many others.
  • Developed an E-commerce website for Madi Carbon


Sep 2019 - May 2020

Project Manager & Developer

InnovationLab (A UNICEF organization)

I was the leader and project manager and also a developer of the project PBlock 2.0 which aims to automatize PBlock using techniques of Machine Learning.

Sep 2018 - Jul 2019

Backend Web Developer

InnovationLab (A UNICEF organization)

I was the co-founder and the developer of backend of the project PBlock which aims to make the internet more secure for kids by removing inappropriate content.


Data Science






Certificates & Awards

Oct 2021

Master's Degree in Computer Science

ESI (ex INI)

For graduating from the Higher School of Computer Science with GPA = 4.0.

Oct 2021

Engineer's Degree in Computer Science

ESI (ex INI)

For Completing five years at the Higher School of Computer Science with GPA = 4.0.

Dec 2020

5th place in ACPC hackathon

AFRICA & ARAB Collegiate Programming Championship

We winned the 5th place in the ACPC hackathon 2020 edition for problem solving.

Aug 2020

Participation Certificate in HackAlgeria

FCE Algiers

For participating in the online hackathon with our application WatchCovOut. a platform that helps the government to control the spread of COVID-19 using a mobile app installed on people's phones.

Oct 2019

3rd Place at DevFest Hackathon

GDG Algiers

We winned the 3rd price in DevFest hackathon 2019 for our project What's This. a mobile app that aims to help visually impaired people in doing difficult daily tasks that seem to be simple for us.

Jun 2019

InnovationLab Certificate


I've been given this certificate because i was a part of the team developing the project PBlock in the field of humanity and children online protection.

Apr 2018

Certificate in Data Analysis

One Million Arabic Coders (OMAC)

I've been given this certificate For completing the Udacity course on data analysis. A part of the One Million Arab Coders program.

Jul 2016

Baccalaureate Degree

Ministry of National Education

For graduating from the High School with GPA = 4.0.



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Full Stack Web Developer


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